Blitzchung Has Surprising Answer When Asked If People Should Boycott Blizzard Games

Chung 'blitzchung' Ng Wai was recently banned and his prize money was removed by Blizzard after delivering a pro-Hong Kong message during a post-game interview.

Since the initial decision, Blizzard made a new announcement and reduced the ban to six months and gave blitzchung his prize winnings back.

Blitzchung has streamed since the second decision and shared his thoughts on the overall process and result. He said he received a phone call from Blizzard and they explained their decision process. Overall, Blitzchung wasn't surprised by the end result and was thankful for Blizzard reducing the penalty.

The real shocker came during his stream when Twitch chat asked him about boycotts or protests at BlizzCon. A commenter translated some of his replies:

"We can enjoy the game all we want. I mean even if you don't do it it's totally fine, for some people it's their livelihood. Also I was definitely not trying to damage Blizzard by my actions. Also I really want to say one thing. I'm seeing a lot of people pushing streamers, players, casters, Blizzard employees etc to make a statement (regarding me). I want to make it clear that whether you play Blizzard games or not and whether you make a statement or not are completely your personal freedom. I don't think we should push people into anything. I also hope those who stayed neutral or silent won't be targeted by the crowd. Not that I don't appreciate your support but it's their freedom. I am against this "pushing others to speak up" thing. Even if one disagrees with you we have to respect each other. This is the fundamental line of democracy."

It will be interesting to see how the community reacts once they hear Blitzchung's opinion on the matter.

Photo courtesy of Chung 'blitzchung' Ng Wai