Blitzle Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Blitzle Pokemon GO was added to the game alongside many other Pokemon that first appeared in Black/White. Here's how you can catch Blitzle in Pokemon GO!

Blitzle Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Blitzle is an Electric type Pokemon that can be caught in the wild or hatched from 5 km Eggs. You shouldn't have too much trouble finding the Electrified Pokemon.

It evolves into Zebstrika, keeping its Electric mono-typing. It takes 50 candy to evolve Blitzle. Blitzle and Zebstrika can learn the Fire type Flame Charge as a Charge Move, allowing some versatility in your type coverage.

Blitzle - Zebstrika
Blitzle - Zebstrika /

Zebstrika can also learn the Fighting type move Low Kick, which would draw some comparisons to Electivire, one of the best Electric types in the game. Unfortunately, Zebstrika doesn't compare much to Electivire in terms of any of its stats or moves.

Blitzle is just part of the massive update bringing fifth generation Pokemon into the world of Pokemon GO. It is part of the first wave of Unova Pokemon, with more coming soon.

Photo courtesy of GAMEFREAK and Niantic.