Blizzard Announces New Deathmatch Map for Overwatch

Preview of Overwatch's new deathmap Malevento
Preview of Overwatch's new deathmap Malevento /

Blizzard announced a new map coming soon to Overwatch which would normally get fans excited, but it seems they're rather frustrated instead. The new map is called Malevento, though it is currently unknown exactly where the map is supposed to be set.,

Fans of almost any game love new map announcements, but Overwatch fans are disappointed in the most recent addition. Many are complaining about the fact that Malevento map is yet another deathmatch map addition rather than an addition to one of the Quick Play or Competitive Play game modes: assault (sometimes referred to as 2cp), control, escort, and hybrid.

The map is live on Overwatch's Public Test Region (PTR) As the map is in the PTR phase it has yet to be added to Overwatch's map list on the official website. Similar to other games, Overwatch's test platform, the PTR, is only available on PC and thus so is the new map, for now.

New Overmatch deathmatch map, Malevento
Preview of Malevento deathmatch map / Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch has not gotten a new Quick or Competitive Play map in nearly two and a half years. The last one to be added was Havana on May 7, 2019. Although Blizzard has been hard at work on Overwatch 2 and already announced multiple maps for the game, fans are disappointed about the lack of a new assault, control, escort, or hybrid map. Nevertheless, fans still have a new deathmatch map to look forward to, and judging by the previews, it's gorgeous.

No release date for Malevento has been announced, so players will have to stay tuned until Blizzard says anything further.