Blizzard Explains Why There Will Be No More OWL MVP Skins

The Good vs Evil skin designed for Fleta will be the last MVP skin to be released.
The Good vs Evil skin designed for Fleta will be the last MVP skin to be released. | Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

In a recent Reddit post, Overwatch esports vice president Jon Spector why the league decided not to design any more MVP skins.

In an AMA on the Competitive Overwatch subreddit, Spector stated the following: "We decided last year with the Overwatch development team that Fleta's MVP skin would be the last one we'd commit to. Overwatch is very much a team-based game, and we wanted the flexibility to use the legendary OWL skins to celebrate team success and special moments throughout the season."

He proceeded to ensure fans that they will actually have more OWL legendary skins in the game this year "than ever before" while continuing to work with the development team on ways to highlight moments from the Overwatch League in a different way.

The custom skin that an Overwatch League MVP receives as an award for the achievement has been a tradition since the inception of the Overwatch League. It began with Sung-hyeon "JJoNak" Bang in 2019 with the reveal of a new Zenyatta skin. In 2020, Jay "Sinatraa" Won was the MVP of that year and received an alien-themed Zarya skin.

On March 9, 2021, a former partner of Sinatraa published sexual assault allegations that led to the Overwatch League offering a refund for the Zarya skin he received as an MVP. Then, while revealing the new Echo skin for Fleta's MVP award, Blizzard revealed that the angel and demon-themed skin would be the last MVP skin they released. Many fans suspected the decision came as a result of the Sinatraa controversy, though Spector's comments — made almost a month after the decision was made public — complicate that narrative somewhat.