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Blizzard Releases Another Teaser About Overwatch Hero 31

Blizzard released another teaser about Overwatch Hero 31 on Twitter on Sunday. Not much is known about what character might be the new addition to the game, but the teaser video does give us some information.

In the trailer, we can see this suit that almost appears to be part of a spacesuit due to the style and components on the suit. The video also begins with a soft piano melody that is referenced in the caption of the video that the Overwatch twitter gave with the teaser.

Then, after four seconds go by, a harsh siren begins to overshadow the melody and there are both red and white lights that begin to flash over the suit.

There is not a lot to discuss in the video, but maybe there are hidden clues about this upcoming character laced within the video. For now it seems that Blizzard is putting emphasis on the song that plays at the beginning of the teaser. This maybe is a clue to who the character is or maybe it is just a part of the character's identity. We will find out soon when more information is released on the new character.

Cover Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment