Blizzard Reportedly Working on 'Other Work' in Regards to Overwatch

Blizzard is reportedly working on new ways to develop the Overwatch universe, according to a report from PC Gamer.

Blizzard's J Allen Brack reportedly said in the earnings call that the team in 2019 through 2020 will be "'working on the existing game as well as [...] focusing on the other work that they have.'"

Now, this simply could mean members of the Overwatch team are being tasked with other work within Blizzard. Or, it might mean that there's a new project being developed around the universe.

Blizzard Reportedly Working on "Other Work" in Regards to Overwatch

Overwatch Storm Rising wraps up Monday as the Archives event comes to a close. Outside of the seasonal events fans have grown accustomed too, some might believe the game is getting stale.

Brack confirmed in the call as well that the team continue to add new heroes, maps and the like, but is it time to create a spin-off of some sorts?

Regardless, it must be a priority from Blizzard since members of the team will be working on this unknown project. Fans should expect an announcement or teaser of some sort possibly by BlizzCon.

Although, fans were treated to Diablo Immortal last event.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard