Blizzard to Fix Ashe's Overwatch Halloween Terror Skin

Blizzard is working on a fix for Ashe's Overwatch Halloween Terror skin. While the skin is pleasing to look at, the scope design is frustrating to use. Blizzard has heard the community's complaints and is working on a change.

Overwatch lead designer Jeff Kaplan posted a picture of the updated version of the sight picture to the game's subreddit Wednesday.

Kaplan stated, "We're still working out a time table to patch this fix in. Thanks for your patience." While Overwatch's goal is to create aesthetically pleasing skins and cosmetics, they have to work competitively in the game. Skins can't blend into the map or have smaller hitboxes than other skins, otherwise, everyone would use only certain skins for a tactical advantage.

Overwatch recently started the Halloween Terror event on Oct. 15 and will continue until Nov. 4.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard