BlizzCon Online 2021 Dates Revealed

BlizzCon Online 2021, also known as BlizzConline, will take place Feb. 19-20.
BlizzCon Online 2021, also known as BlizzConline, will take place Feb. 19-20. | Photo by Blizzard

BlizzCon Online 2021, dubbed BlizzConline by the event's marketing team, will take place Feb. 19-20 next year.

BlizzCon Online 2021 Dates Revealed: BlizzConline Set for February

Blizzard has yet to reveal details of the event, including what will be on display. Previous years have featured major content reveals, including Overwatch 2 in 2020. Blizzard has confirmed the Community Showcase will still take place. The Community Showcase is a chance for cosplayers, artists, and other community creators to show off what they've made in competitions and exhibitions.

The Cosplay Exhibition and Cosplay Contest entry deadlines are both Jan. 4. The contest will feature four categories: Best Blizzard Character, Best Blizzard Weapons & Armor, Best Modern Creation and Best Traditional Creation. A winner will be chosen in each category, and one of those four winners will be named overall best cosplay winner.

There will also be contests for art, digital storytelling, and general talents such as music or dance.

Fans this year can participate in a virtual March of the Murlocs. Normally, the March of the Murlocs is a mass of participants dressed as murlocs parading through the convention center. The virtual form will use participant-submitted photos and short videos of them walking dressed as murlocs to simulate the March. Footage of murlocs from Blizzard games will also be accepted.

Blizzard has yet to name a price of admission.