BlizzCon Overwatch Skins Revealed for Genji, Symmetra

Blizzard revealed Genji and Symmetra's BlizzCon 2019 skins Tuesday
Blizzard revealed Genji and Symmetra's BlizzCon 2019 skins Tuesday /

Genji and Symmetra will be the two Overwatch heroes to receive skins as part of the BlizzCon 2019 celebration. Blizzard revealed the two skins Tuesday.

Genji's skin has him dressed as Warcraft character Illidan Stormrage, the night elf demon hunter-turned Burning Crusade-raid boss. Appropriately, the Overwatch skin turns Genji's literal skin purple, covers his body in the green marks that characterize Illidan's skin, and equips him with glowing green shuriken. Whether or not he uses Illidan's distinctive double-sided swords remains unclear.

Symmetra, in turn, is transformed Tyrande Whisperwind, one-time night elf general, high priestess of Elune and leader of the night elf people. She also happens to be Illidan's sister-in-law.

Symmetra's skin is purple, her hair dark green, and her armor white with silver and blue accents.

Both skins are available exclusively to those who purchase BlizzCon tickets, virtual or otherwise. The skins will be playable ahead of BlizzCon itself, though Blizzard has yet to announce a release date.

BlizzCon is scheduled to begin Nov. 1.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard