BloodBorne Rumored for PC Release

Photo by FromSoftware

PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne could be making its way to PC, according to rumors reported by Respawn First Monday.

The potential news comes via a leak from an "insider source" who shared the information in a private chat, according to Respawn First, which stated it does not want to reveal any further information about the source.

"BLOODBORNE is currently in development for PC," the source stated. "I wanted to go ahead and get this to you guys who love to game on PC. This could take 10 months up to a year to get announced but other Sony games to PC might get announced first and this later! If you thought that Horizon [Zero Dawn] was the only one coming to PC then prepare to get blown away. But yeah, do NOT take this as 100% confirmation and wait for official news! And of course, take every leak with a grain of salt."

The source giving a disclaimer "out" at the end of the message seems to take some of the credibility out of what they are saying. And, they went on to add that their sources are "from the gaming industry and from the word's [sic] most active gaming forum that is Era" which further pushes this leak into the realm of just a rumor.

Still, a PC version of Bloodborne seems a distinct possibility — there are likely plenty of Souls fans without PS4s eager to give Bloodborne a try.

Just the same, we'll be filing this under "rumor" until we hear the official word of developer FromSoftware.