Bloodhound and Crypto Potentially Receiving Recon Buff in New Apex Legends Leak

Bloodhound, one of Apex Legends' inaugural legends, might be getting a new ability.
Bloodhound, one of Apex Legends' inaugural legends, might be getting a new ability. / Credit: Respawn Entertainment

As in recent years, one of the paths that game developers have been following involves creating unique playable characters with rich backstories that amass fans worldwide. Fittingly so, operators in Rainbow Six: Siege to heroes in Overwatch and legends in Apex Legends all follow this unique trait that set them apart from other playable characters within their respective games.

More often than not, these characters belong to distinctions, or classification groups with members of their kind. Within Apex Legends, one of those groups is the recon class, which plays host to the likes of Bloodhound, Crypto, and Pathfinder. Bloodhound specializes in tracking enemies, Crypto in surveillance, and Pathfinder on obtaining information for the next ring.

For Pathfinder to give his team a head start on the whereabouts of the undisclosed, ensuing circle, he needs to access one of the survey beacons on either Kings Canyon or World's Edge. His interaction lasts seven seconds, forcing him to be vulnerable during that time.

Although, what once unique to Pathfinder alone might not be for much longer. An Apex Legends data miner by the name of Biast12 revealed in-game voice dialogue from both Bloodhound and Crypto that pertained to using Survey Beacons.

Significantly, these voice lines were once an individual trait of Pathfinder's; now, Crypto and Bloodhound can be heard saying things along the lines of "scanning for the next ring on my mini map" to "I have located the next ring."

The in-game beacons are only accessible to Pathfinder and have been for quite some time. Apex Legends has often been known to leak updates and limited-time events within their game files, causing these data miners to work tirelessly. Now, maybe Pathfinder's recon counterparts will finally serve another purpose when going into battle.