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Bloodhound Heirloom, Octane's Ring of Fire, Bonus XP Weekend Revealed in Apex Legends Leak

Bloodhound's upcoming Heirloom
Bloodhound's upcoming Heirloom

An Apex Legends trailer released Tuesday revealed a likely Bloodhound heirloom and a new area of the map themed around Octane's adrenaline-seeking antics.

The trailer appeared on the official Nvidia Middle East Twitter account. It has yet to spread to other Apex Legends social media accounts.

The trailer begins by showing off all the skins set to be released in the Iron Crown Collection Event, which will begin Tuesday and run through Aug. 27.

Once all the legendary skins have been revealed, the trailer moves to a demonstration of a new location in King's Canyon: Octane's Ring of Fire. This theme park features ramps and flaming hoops for players to jump through.

Following Octane's Ring of Fire, Respawn Entertainment revealed the game's next bonus XP weekend will take place Aug. 16-18.

Finally, the trailer teased a new Bloodhound heirloom. The Bloodhound heirloom would be the second in the game's history. Where Wraith's heirloom is a small knife, Bloodhound's appears to be a tomahawk with a raven on one side and a blade covered in pulsing red energy on the other.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts