Bloodhunt Release Date Information

Bloodhunt's release date is as yet undetermined.
Bloodhunt's release date is as yet undetermined. / Photo courtesy of Sharkmob

Bloodhunt's release date has yet to be nailed down, although development studio Sharkmob has given eager fans a window in which the game is likely to hit digital store shelves. Here's what we know so far about when the game's set to arrive.

Bloodhunt Release Date Information

Sharkmob announced Bloodhunt in late 2020 alongside a release window of the back half of 2021. The official line is Q3/Q4 of 2021, leaving a fairly large range of possible release dates. Although Bloodhunt appeared at E3 2021, the appearance brought little news regarding the official release date.

After the game's E3 appearance, Sharkmob announced via the game's Steam page that it had plans to launch a closed alpha "in the very near future." Registration is now open for the closed alpha, and it is set to kick off July 2.

Bloodhunt is a battle royale set in the Vampire: The Masquerade universe. Players choose a clan allegiance, then fight to survive the chaos in Prague, either on their own or in teams. They'll have access to plenty of weapons and vampiric powers, but will have to conceal their identities as vampires from the humans caught in the crossfire.