Bloody Tokens Dragonflight: What Are They For

Blizzard Entertainment

Wondering what the Bloody Tokens are for in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight? Wonder no longer, as we've got the information you need.

The developers at Blizzard Entertainment are taking players on an exciting new journey through the fabled Dragon Isles in the latest expansion to World of Warcraft. Dragonflight introduces the Dracthyr Evoker class that will give players control of an elite soldier with the unique ability to switch between a humanoid form and a draconic form. Not only that, players will get the chance to take to the skies atop exotic dragon mounts.

Dragonflight has also introduced Bloody Tokens and many users have already collected a decent amount of them. The only issue is, what are they and what are they good for?

Bloody Tokens Dragonflight: What Are They For

Bloody Tokens are the latest form of currency in World of Warcraft and as such can be cashed in for valuable gear and equipment. These tokens can be earned by completing PvP world quests in the Dragon Isles, looting War Supply Chests, and eliminating opposing faction members.

Once you've gathered a healthy amount of Bloody Tokens, make your way to Valdrakken. There, you'll need to seek out Fieldmaster Emberath in order to put your hard-earned currency to good use. If you're having a hard time locating him, his exact coordinates are 40.58, 45.03. He'll provide you with solid gear options in exchange for your tokens, but take note that these items can only be used once you've reached level 70.

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