Blue Protocol Release Date Information

Bandai Namco Online Inc./Bandai Namco Studios Inc.

Bandai Namco's newest online RPG, Blue Protocol, had its official announcement trailer showcased at this year's Game Awards. Luckily, the trailer gave some insight as to what to know about its release date.

Alongside Blue Protocol's trailer was an additional announcement post on its official website. In the announcement, Executive Producer Sokichi Shimooka, noted that the game is "a result of the combined creative power" of Bandai Namco Studios, Bandai Namco Online, and Amazon Games.

Blue Protocol takes place in the world of Regnas, in which the playable character, who is on a quest to discover their origins, is fully customizable. Although the main character will eventually find themselves in the middle of an "inescapable destiny" that will dramatically alter the fate of Regnas, a diverse cast of characters as well as locations to explore make for a unique journey along the way.

Blue Protocol Release Date information

Bandai Namco initially announced in a livestream that Blue Protocol will see a release in Japan in Spring 2023. However, in its debut at the Game Awards and subsequently on its US website, its release date outside Japan is set for "the second half of 2023," where it will be free-to-play.

Additionally, a closed beta test will begin in early 2023. While there is little information available on the potential to sign up, Bandai Namco has frequently ensured that further updates will be published on its social media pages.