Bluntslide THPS2: How to Perform the Move

Bluntslide THPS2: How to perform the grind move
Bluntslide THPS2: How to perform the grind move / Activision

Bluntslide THPS2 is one of the simpler tricks to perform in the game.

With the release of Tony Hawk Pro-Skater 1+2 last Thursday, Sept. 3, players are eagerly flocking back to their roots to re-learn all their favorite tricks. One of these is the Bluntslide—a type of grind that is sure to rack up decent points in any skater's next competition. Fortunately, the move, itself, isn't very difficult, and often the controls carry over among platforms.

Here's how to perform a Bluntslide in Tony Hawk Pro-Skater 2.

Bluntslide THPS2: How to Perform the Move

The Bluntslide is, essentially, just another type of grind. When performed correctly, the player should land on a grind-able surface and slide along the edge. Occasionally, they'll kick up sparks along the way. There are several different kinds of grinds beyond the Bluntslide, of course. Players should be encouraged to try out all the combinations before settling into a style they like.

The controls to perform this move are pretty universal. Players will need to start off in a grind, first, in order to switch to the Bluntslide. Next, jump/ollie into the air. While in the air, press down twice and then the grind button again to land in a Bluntslide.

It can also be performed by pressing the grab and then flip buttons, consecutively.