Boltund Pokemon Sword and Shield: Evolution, Location, and Stats

Boltund in Pokemon Sword and Shield is one of the new Pokemon from the Galar Region and an excellent addition to the collection of any up-and-coming Pokemon master. How does one obtain a Boltund through evolution or in the wild, and how do its stats look in terms of competitive play?

Boltund Evolution

Boltund, an electric type Pokemon, is the fully evolved version of Yamper, an electric Pokemon that closely resembles a Corgi, the royal dog of the Queen of England. Boltund's themselves closely resemble English hunting dogs. To evolve your Yamper into a Boltund, simply train it to level 26. Once evolved, Boltund can learn moves such as Wild Charge and Electric Terrain.

Boltund Location

For those without a Yamper that want to catch a Boltund straight up, head over to the Motostoke Riverbank, the Dusty Bowl, or the Lake of Outrage and there should be a few walking around. If you head over to these locations during a thunderstorm, your chances of catching one will greatly increase, as electric type Pokemon such as Yamper and Boltund thrive on the electrically charged air of thunderstorms.

Boltund Stats

Boltund's stats lean heavily toward speed, a pretty common trait among all electric types.

  • HP: 69
  • Attack: 90
  • Defense: 60
  • Special Attack: 90
  • Special Defense: 60
  • Speed: 121

Image Courtesy Game Freak