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Boon Perks Remained Nerfed in DBD Official Patch Notes

Photo courtesy if Behaviour Interactive

Boon Perks were quickly nerfed during the PTB, as killers quickly complained about multiple Boon Perks stacking. That has now changed as Patch 5.3 went live giving players a chance at playing Mikaela Reid.

The other big changes focus on the key and escape hatch.

  • Item and Add-on descriptions have been rewritten
  • “Considerably” and other vague terms have been replaced with number values
  • Added in reminder text for Status Effects: Any Add-ons that trigger status effect also include a brief description on the status effect
  • The hatch will now only appear when one survivor is left alive
  • Survivors can open the hatch after it has been kicked shut by using a key
  • Key interaction takes 2.5 seconds, and does not lose progress when interrupted
  • The achievement “Where Did They Go!?” has been changed to “The Key to Escaping”

Boon Perks Remained Nerfed in DBD Official Patch Notes

Boon Perks

  • Multiple instances of the same Boon Perk no longer stack when the areas of effect overlap from multiple totems
  • Blessing a Hex Totem now takes 24 seconds (was 14 seconds)
  • Boon Totem range has been reduced to 24 meters (was 28 meters)

There were a lot of changes to killers, most of them discussed in the PTB, so none of them should be a surprise, despite annoying most killer mains. It will take some time for the community to fully test out the new perks and killer changes, but you can bet everyone is going to let Behaviour Interactive know their feelings.