Borderlands 3 delayed? Not quite. There was some interest in the internet about that topic this week, but it came strictly based on a satire piece by Techraptor's satire series, KekRaptor. The piece decided to focus on the current state of gaming development and the travesty most Triple-A games seem to find themselves in.

Borderlands 3 doesn't look like it's going to fall into the same trap, but the release isn't until September. So anything can happen.

Borderlands 3 Delayed? Not So Fast...

Borderlands 3 will not be delayed as the piece circulating the internet is a satire piece making fun of the gaming development community. Multiple games like Anthem, Fallout: 76, and Darksiders 3 all failed to meet expectations. It's common for developers to create a simulated product at massive expos just to garner a massive following. However, the actual product is usually months behind schedule.

Borderlands 3 promised an absurd amount of weapons for the new game. According to trailers for Borderlands 3, there will be 1 billion guns inside the game. Yes, 1 billion. That's technically 57 times the number of weapons in Borderlands 2. That's part of the satire as Techraptor teases that Borderlands 3 was delayed to make a system that can handle that many guns.

Borderlands 3 is set to release Sept. 13.

Photo courtesy of Gearbox Software