Borderlands 3 Gameplay Reveal

Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal was shown May 1 and included many exciting moments for the long-awaited game.

As described on YouTube, Borderlands 3 will have "more planets, badder enemies, and way, WAY more loot. Borderlands 3 brings the mayhem on a scale like never before."

Borderlands 3 Gameplay Reveal

Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal showcased the engine, graphics, and fighting inside the next iteration of the series. It didn't take long that fans were going to get more of the same, but at a larger scale.

And there were a lot of guns. I mean a lot of them. There were some amazing vehicles and Gearbox Software is clearly trying to showcase a massive open-world experience.

This comes after Gearbox accidentally leaked their own footage on Twitter. The footage itself reveals very little about the game, but fans have noticed a few new features. For one, loot appears to have an overall score to help players sort out what item is best in a way similar to that in The Division or Destiny 2.

The game is set to release on Sept. 13.

Photo courtesy of Gearbox Software