Borderlands 3 Guardian Rank Glitch: What is it and How to Fix

Borderlands 3 Guardian rank glitch has been reported by an alarming amount of players. The glitch highlights an issue with the Guardian rank and tokens, making it difficult for players to advance and strengthen their characters. Uncannily enough, the glitch seems to appear directly following a rapid rise through Guardian ranks. Who knew you could grow to quickly?

Fortunately, there is a fix for this glitch. Here's some information about the Guardian rank glitch in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 Guardian Rank Glitch

This glitch has been reported on the Gearbox forums with multiple players chiming in to agree that it's a bit of an epidemic. According to the poster, upon reopening their game to continue playing, they found that their Guardian rank was in the negative despite being around rank 36 when they left off. Their rank seemed to change every time they restarted the game.

Other players have reported similar issues with their rank being rolled back dramatically into the negative. Most of these reports come after a rapid succession in ranks. Essentially, it seems like the game panics and wants to take players down a peg if they get "too powerful."

The rank is the only thing that appears to be affected, however, as all perks, rewards, and skills previously unlocked before the glitch takes effect are still completely available to the player.

There is no official fix for this glitch at this moment and it appears there isn't a patch available from Gearbox to solve the issue. Fortunately, the game does seem to even itself out if players simply continue on with business as usual. If they go on to continue to earn Guardian ranks, the game will quickly return their missing tokens.

Image courtesy of Gearbox Software