Borderlands 3 LFG: 3 Ways to Find Friends in the Wastes

The Wastelands of Borderlands 3 are a harsh place. In other obvious news, the sky is blue and people have to pay taxes. However, unlike taxes, Borderlands 3 gets a lot easier with friends to help you out. So if you're a solitary Vault Hunter looking to shake off your anti-social chains and find a group of worthy adventurers to travel with, here's 3 easy ways you can do it.

1. GamerLink

Launching this year as what looks to be a promising mix between sharing platform and social media site, GamerLink's tools and utilities focus entirely on allowing gamers to store their clips, talk about the games they love, and most importantly share those keepsakes with other like-minded players. Recently, Gamerlink launched a dedicated Borderlands 3 LFG app, designed to help errant Vault Hunters like yourself find friends on a not-so-friendly planet.


If downloading a brand-new application doesn't seem your cup of tea, consider a site like FTW.In. Marketted almost expressedly for the purpose of finding groups of people to play multiplayer games with, the Borderlands 3 page on the site is really intutive, giving players the ability to create a "profile" of sorts, listing not only your Region and Time Zone, but game-relevant facts like your class, level, and even what you're hoping to achieve in a group (story content, farming bosses, grinding a character, etc.)

3. The Borderlands 3 LFG Discord

Back like it never left. Any one who's spent enough time on any game-specific subreddit will tell you how they can be great places to find a community of people who like the same things you do (or a toxic cesspool where everyone hates everything INCLUDING the game... looking at you r/wow). Regardless, Borderlands 3 is no exception, with players taking steps to create a thriving community before it even launched. Reddit user RynShirayuki, known for creating a similar LFG server for Destiny 2, has pulled the community together into one place where any Vault Hunter can hop in and find a group of friends to play with.

Photos by Gearbox Software