Borderlands 3 Mayhem 4 Drops: Every Drop in the Game

Borderlands 3 Mayhem 4 drops on the difficulty level, which boosts enemy health and shields to 1000% of their original values, come from a massive jump from Mayhem 3's 150-200% increases.

But as is with Borderlands games, harder enemies means even more loot, and Mayhem 4 increases the loot drop rate to 700%, motivating players to take on the arduous challenge of grinding bosses in order to attain the most legendary loot possible.

But is the loot even worth it? Maybe if you know exactly what to expect from the drops in Mayhem 4, you can decide if you want to undertake the harsh trials in the Mayhem 4 gamemode. Here are the Mayhem 4 drops in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 Mayhem 4 Drops: What are They

Here are the unique legendary loot drops you can get in the Mayhem 4 difficulty level, they can be acquired by completing certain missions or during the Maliwan Takedown challenge:

  • Zheitsev's Eruption (Assault Rifle) - Launches homing projectiles when overheating.
  • Good Juju (Assault Rifle) - Refills magazine on kill.
  • Crder's EM-P5 (SMG) - Increases movement speed while holding. Increases accuracy while in the air.
  • Tankman's Shield (Sniper) - Every kill adds weapon damage to next magazine.
  • Vosk's Deathgrip (Shotgun) - Vosk's grasp singularity shot / 6 shot laser trap.
  • S3RV-8OS-EXECUTE (Pistol) - Fast reload throw and velocity.
  • Juliet's Dazzle (Assault Rifle) - Refills magazine on kill.
  • Spiritual Driver (Amara Class Mod) - On action skill, apply skill element to self. Increased gun damage while moving.
  • R4kk P4k (Fl4k Class Mod) - Whenever Fl4k's Rakk hits an enemy, they split into two more Rakks.
  • Raging Bear (Moze Class Mod) - IB kills decreases Fuel Usage. Damage increases when IB takes damage.
  • Antifreeze (Zane Class Mod) - While sliding or airborne, 40% increase to weapon damage and 20% damage reduction.

A full comprehensive list of Borderlands 3 legendary drops for the Mayhem 4 difficulty level can be found here.

Photo Courtesy of Gearbox Software