Borderlands 3 October 23 Update: 3 Biggest Takeaways

Borderlands 3 October 23 update provided new features to the online multiplayer shooter. Here are three of the best features in Borderlands 3 following yesterday's update.

Borderlands 3 October 23 Update

Bloody Harvest

The most important part of yesterday's update is probably the introduction of 2019's Halloween event; Bloody Harvest. The event, which can be downloaded entirely for free with the last update, introduces several new weapons, challenges, and a brand new Halloween-themed boss, Captain Haunt. The event will run starting today and continue all the way until early December, so there's plenty of time to get as much exclusive loot as possible.

New Enemies

In conjunction with the Halloween theme of this event, there are plenty of new challenges that will require you to take down some pretty spooky enemies, including ghosts, demons, and even a haunted dragon. Several ghosts are designated as "loot ghosts," and will drop rare weapons and other items.

A Brand New Area

After completing a few of the initial challenges in Bloody Harvest, you will slowly start to acquire a substance called Hecktoplasm, which after acquiring enough, will allow you to enter the realm of Heck and fight larger creatures and the boss, Captain Haunt.

Photo courtesy of Gearbox