Borderlands 3 Queens Call: Everything You Need to Know

Borderlands 3 Queen's Call is a popular pistol you can get during your adventures in Pandora and beyond along with its counterpart the King's Call. These two are among the most powerful weapons in the entire game so it's no wonder players are trying to get their hands on them. Unfortunately, you need to make your way to the end of the game and survive a deadly boss encounter to even have a chance at picking them up.

Here's everything you need to know about the Queen's Call in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 Queens Call

The Queen's Call is a pistol that was originally manufactured by Jakobs. It is considered a rare drop from Tyreen the Destroyer in Destroyer's Rift on Pandora. Therefore, your best bet to get this gun is by farming this boss repeatedly. Players will most likely remember Tyreen as one of the fame-obsessed twins from the beginning of the game. Who could've foreseen she would turn into... That?

It's definitely in character with the season, that's for sure.

The pistol, itself, is considered legendary and both it and its counterpart take advantage of a unique perk. The perk is called "Life is ours, we live it our way." It specifically enhances your damage output by having every critical hit return three bullets to your magazine while ricocheting 3 bullets to the nearest enemy. This includes the original target, as well.

Keeping this in mind, finding a way to max out your critical chance or damage should be a priority for players looking to put this weapon in their arsenal.

Best of luck, Vault Hunters.

Image courtesy of Gearbox Software