Borderlands 3 Skill Trees

Borderlands 3 skill trees are the best way to customize your play style and adapt to the ever-changing environment that is Pandora and beyond. By selecting different abilities or prioritizing the advancement of certain skills, players will have the opportunity to give themselves the advantage in any fight they want to run toward. While every class might not be suited for every role, you certainly have a wide range of choices to power-up and mold your team.

Here's everything important you should know when going through your skill trees.

Borderlands 3 Skill Trees

1. Amara⁠—"The Siren"

Amara is Borderlands 3's Siren⁠—but she's clearly unique from Maya and Lilith. Her skill lines are "Brawl", "Mystical Assault", and "Fist of the Element". Each branch opens with an action skill and only one action skill can be equipped at a time.

Brawl's action skill is called "Phaseslam" in which Amara leaps up and hits the ground hard, dealing damage to enemies around her and knocking them into the air on impact. This line is about melee combat and improves her health and close damage in a fight.

Mystical Assault's action skill is called "Phasecast" where Amara sends out a projection of herself that deals damage to every enemy in its path. This line fits more of a support role with tons of astral abilities and status inflictions to keep the team sustained and the opponents bogged down.

Fist of the Element's action skill is "Phasegrasp" and has Amara summon giant hands from the ground and hold an enemy in place⁠—though some might be immune. This line has a lot of damage over time and, unsurprisingly, elemental abilities which deal a good amount of damage without having to get too close to an enemy.

2. Zane Flynt⁠—"The Operative"

Zane Flynt is the "stealth archer" of Borderlands 3 and has a few unique cards up his sleeve. For example, Zane has the choice to lose his ability to equip two grenades in exchange for a second action skill. Most of his abilities have to do with him staying out or on the outskirts of a fight.

The first line, "Hitman", has an action skill called "SNTNL" which sends an automated SNTNL drone into the fray. It attacks whatever enemies are in the area and prioritizes the one in Zane's crosshairs. This line has to do with speed and burst damage over all.

"Doubled Agent" is the second line with "Digi-clone" as its action skill. Digi-clone spawns a stationary clone of Zane that fires at and distracts enemies. The player can have Zane and his clone swap places at any time during the fight. This line is built almost entirely around the clone, increasing its duration, health, damage, and other stats.

The last line is "Under Cover" and is purely defensive with the action skill "Barrier." Deploying this Barrier protects the team and give them an additional gun damage boost when shooting through it. As you might have guessed, this line deals with sustain, survival, and shield improvement.

3. Moze⁠—"The Gunner"

Moze is a scrappy technician with a lot of firepower to spare for her allies. Her skill lines all revolve around her mech, Iron Bear, and are called "Demolition Woman", "Shield of Retribution", and "Bottomless Mags."

Demolition Woman deals with doing as much damage as possible. Its action skill is "V-35 Grenade Launcher" which is a separate grenade launcher that isn't affected by any modifications made to Moze's existing grenades.

Shield of Retribution is about supporting your team. The action skill for this line is "Railgun" which fires high-velocity electrified projectiles at enemies for extra shock damage. This line has a lot of abilities regarding sacrificing some health for extra padding for the rest of the team as well as buffing her shield.

Bottomless Mags, unsurprisingly, is centered around ammunition and firing. Its action skill is "Minigun", a weapon with the ability to sustain a lot of rapid fire before overheating. This line adds a bunch of additional tweaks and flair on the different types of ammo already available including additional damage and ammo regeneration.

4. Fl4k⁠—"The Beastmaster"

Fl4k is the group's resident hunter. Their abilities revolve around his pets—and other similar wildlife—and performing with them on the battlefield. What else is the Beastmaster for? Fl4k's skill lines are "Hunter", "Stalker", and "Master."

The Hunter line's action skill is "Rakk Attack!" where Fl4k sends two Rakk to attack an enemy with a dive-bomb. This line feels more like a sturdy foundation than anything else. This line contains abilities like increased critical hit, ammunition flair, and cooldowns. The pet for this skill line is a Spiderant Centurion.

Stalker has the action skill "Fade Away" which turns Fl4k invisible. While invisible, every hit is automatically critical and they gain additional speed and health regeneration. This line is, needless to say, a stealth line. It focuses on health regeneration, sustain, and doing critical damage. The pet for this skill line is a Jabber Sidekick.

Master's action skill is "Gamma Burst" where Fl4k creates a Rift at a particular location and teleports their pet through the Rift for extra radiation damage. This action also makes the pet grow in size and, upon pet death, using this action revives the pet with 30% health. This line is very similar to the Beastmaster specialization from World of Warcraft—all about your pet and what your pet can do for you. The pet for this skill line is a Skagg.

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