Brigitte's Shield Bash Set to Receive Exciting Changes in Overwatch 2

Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 fans will be pleased to hear about some of the upcoming changes heading to the Brigitte's Shield Bash.

News surrounding the long awaited Overwatch 2 has been ramping up in recent weeks. New Heroes, maps, modes and more will be making their way to the sequel, with Beta sign-ups in full swing right now. Also among the additions are new changes to existing Heroes, bringing some interesting balances to what's already been established.

Revealed in the recent Overwatch 2 pro playtest, players have been given a glimpse at some of the changes heading to Brigitte, particularly her Shield Bash. User VexInsanity took to the Overwatch forum to detail the changes heading to the ability.

The list of changes, assuming that they'll be heading to the final game, are:

  • Stun is removed
  • Cooldown is reduced from 7s to 5s
  • Distance is increased from 6.85m to about 10-11m
  • No longer blocked by shields
  • Now triggers inspire
  • Damage increased from 5 to 50

Of the changes, VexInsanity said, "The reason I think these changes are good, is because they remove the CC element of Shield Bash, while keeping it’s function entirely."

"As an anti-dive tool, this Shield Bash lets Brig pressure flankers off of her with damage rather than the stun. If she hits Tracer with this Shield Bash, Tracer is gonna have to retreat. The 50 damage is a lot, and now Brig is healing herself."

"The ability to bash through shields sounds small, but it stops tank heroes from preventing Brig’s aggression or escape, which is huge for when Brig is retreating from Winston," VexInsanity continued. "A Winston should barely ever catch Brig with this new Bash."

Players only have a short while to go before they can dive into the Overwatch 2 Beta, happening on April 26. Through that, Overwatch fans will be able to get a better feel for their Heroes, and how these changes will work in practice.