Brigitte voice actress Matilda Smedius performed a surprise cosplay of her character this week at Kawaii Kon.

Smedius shared the Overwatch-inspired look on Instagram, explaining that she ran into cosplayers and content creators Leah Rose and Eleni Jade at the event. Jade, known on Instagram as thesmalleststoat, lent Smedius her Brigitte costume to create the closest thing to a real-life Brigitte yet seen on Earth.

Hawaii-based photographer Ishan Mons took the photo at the Hawaii Convention Center, where Kawaii Kon is currently underway. The convention will continue through Friday.

Smedius is hardly the first Overwatch voice cast member to cosplay as their character. Carolina Ravassa shared photos of herself dressed as Sombra in February, while Keith Silverstein cosplayed as Torbjörn in November of the previous year.

Cosplay in Overwatch generally is hugely popular. Even Blizzard has gotten in on the game, sharing its own highlight reel of cosplays from BlizzCon 2018.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard