Broken Covenant Nocturne Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get

Riot Games

Broken Covenant Nocturne is one of eight new skins coming in League of Legends Patch 13.5.

The Broken Covenant skin collection will be modeled in the vision of stained glass structures commonly seen in older churches, hence the name; Broken Covenant, as well as the shattered glass motif present for the promotional material of the skins.

The other seven champions receiving Broken Covenant skins are Xayah, Rakan, Riven (legendary), Miss Fortune (Who is also getting a Prestige version of the skin), Cho'Gath and Vladimir.

Here is all the pertinent information on Broken Covenant Nocturne for players to have.

Broken Covenant Nocturne Skin Splash Art

There is no present splash art released for the Broken Covenant Nocturne skin as of the publication of this article, but if there will be in the near future, it can be found here.

Broken Covenant Nocturne Skin Price

In typical League of Legends pricing fashion, we can expect the skin to cost around 1,350 RP.

Broken Covenant Nocturne Skin Release Date

The Broken Covenant skins are planned to be released in Patch 13.5.

How to Get Broken Covenant Nocturne Skin

Grab Bags, Masterwork Chests and Orbs are some methods to try and find this skin, but this would be all dependent on the player's luck. The only way to get the skins with perfect certainty is to splurge on it with their RP.