Bronzong Pokémon GO: How to Catch

How to catch Bronzong in Pokémon GO.
How to catch Bronzong in Pokémon GO. / Photos by Niantic and GAMEFREAK

Bronzong Pokémon GO will be appearing in Raids during Enigma Week. Here's how to fight and catch Bronzong in Pokémon GO.

Engima Week is the second Ultra Unlock bonus, and will run from August 7 to 14. During this week, mysterious and enigmatic Pokémon will be featured. Bronzong and its pre-evolution Bronzor are among the featured Pokémon.

Bronzong Pokémon GO: How to Catch

Bronzong will be available to battle in in four-star Raids during Enigma Week. Defeating it will give you the chance to capture it for your collection.

Bronzong is a Psychic and Steel type that boasts high defense. You can make quick work of it if you hammer it with your best Fire and Dark type Pokémon. Legendary Fire types like Moltres and Reshiram are good against Bronzong, as well as Dark types like Umbreon and Darkrai. Luckily, most types that are good against Steel and Psychic also resist them.

An alternative to the Raid is to hatch or catch several Bronzor, and power up the one with the highest IVs into Bronzong.

Once you've caught Bronzong, it's a good contender in the Great League. It falls a little short compared to Metagross in Ultra, but the type combination and deep move pool let it perform well in Great League. Many Pokémon in Great League do not do well against Psychic and Steel types, and especially not a dual type like Bronzong. In many ways, it acts as a weaker Metagross.