Bronzor Shiny Rate Pokémon GO: How to Find

What's the Shiny Rate for Bronzor in Pokémon GO?
What's the Shiny Rate for Bronzor in Pokémon GO? / Photo by The Pokémon Company

Bronzor Shiny Rate Pokemon GO will help you find that special Bronze Pokémon.

The Steela and Psychic Bronzor appeared as the featured Pokémon during Spotlight Hours on May 26. If you were Shiny hunting, you may have had trouble locating a Shiny Bronzor.

Bronzor Shiny Rate Pokémon GO

Unfortunately, Spotlight Hours do not actually increase the Shiny encounter rate of one in 450. A Pokémon is featured, similar to Community Day events. Community Day features a one in 20 Shiny encounter rate for the featured Pokémon.

Unlike Community Day, it won't make it easier to find a Shiny Pokémon. You'll have to do it the old fashioned way.

Shiny Pokémon don't appear on the map as different. You'll have to engage each Bronzor you see to reveal its true form. A Shiny Bronzor is green instead of blue. There will also be a little sparkle over the Pokémon to confirm if it's Shiny or not.

If you manage to get your hands on one, evolving it to Bronzong will make for a strong addition to your team. It has many strong resistances that make it much like a Great League Metagross. The well-rounded stat distribution combined with its good type coverage puts it ahead of most other tank Pokémon.