Brutus Challenges Fortnite: How to Complete

Photo Courtesy of Epic Games
Photo Courtesy of Epic Games /

The Brutus challenges in Fortnite appear to have gone live this week, and they require some work to complete. Following the release of Fortnite Chapter Two, Epic Games has implemented a series of checklists for users to complete. Here is a look at the Brutus Challenges in Fortnite.

Brutus Challenges in Fortnite

Found on the Challenge Table in the Battle Pass Hub, the Brutus Challenges will brief players with map markers of where challenges must be completed. Upon completion of these individual challenges, players will earn 40,000 Season XP. The challenges include:

Week 1 Challenges

  • Land at Lockie's Lighthouse, Apres Ski, and Mount Kay - The lighthouse is an easy one to find because of its size. The other two will require a bit more effort.
  • Search chests at The Grotto or The Shark
  • Open doors locked by an ID Scanner in three different matches - The ID Scanners appear in the five bases by a locked door. Disguise yourself or knock a Henchman to retrieve their ID and interact with the scanner.
  • Deal 2,000 Damage to Henchmen
  • Be crouched within 20m of unaware Henchmen for a total of 10 seconds - Hide behind walls or objects to avoid a detection from the Henchmen.
  • Search Ammo Boxes in a single match seven times
  • Throw different shield items or healing items three times
  • Disguise yourself inside a Phone Booth in three different matches - Once in front of a Phone Booth, you will be prompted to disguise yourself as a Henchman.
  • Eliminate players while having a total of 100 health and shield five times - Avoid damage otherwise your eliminations won't count.
  • Damage players using two different weapons within ten seconds - You only need to damage a player. And you only have to hit the enemy once with each item.