Bugged Warzone Skin Turns Zeyna Into Jumbled "Strong Woman"

Zeyna's Paladin skin as it should look.
Zeyna's Paladin skin as it should look. / Image courtesy of Activision

One Warzone player was looking forward to sporting their new Zeyna Paladin Operator skin, only for a weird glitch to warp her into an odd mash-up of features.

Picture yourself enjoying the flow of Warzone, getting some great matches in, then treating yourself to a shiny new Operator skin. Zeyna's Paladin skin is just that; a glowing, shiny suit of armor, well-protected yet elegent, accented by some magical golden eyes. That's what one Warzone fan thought they were getting, at least.

User SpiritualJoke8 recently took to Reddit to show off their new Zeyna skin, only for it not to be what they'd hoped. "Bought a Zeyna skin and all of a sudden she does this..." the post read.

Instead of the impressive, high-neck armor and glowing eyes, this bugged skin replaces her head with that of a default Mil-Sim Operator. The combat helmet paired with Paladin armor is a look to say the least, and that's without mentioning the gun poking out of her armpit.

Bugged Warzone Skin Turns Zeyna Into Jumbled "Strong Woman"

"My friends have begun to call her strong woman anyone know how to get rid of this damn bug I want to be able to enjoy the pack I paid for."

Some fans were quick to see the hilarity of it all. "I would buy the skin if it was just like this" said one user, and "ngl i burst out laughing." As funny as it is though, it's got to sting a bit when you've paid money for a cosmetic only for it to glitch.

Zeyna's Paladin skin is part of the Honor Bound Tracer bundle, which can be bought for 2,400 COD points. It's a fair amount of real-life cash to drop only to end up with a jumbled up Operator. Hopefully a fix will be deployed sooner rather than later, freeing both SpiritualJoke8 and Zeyna from this glitchy nightmare.