Bugha Partners With AXE in New Fortnite Island 'Mistaverse'

Bugha's in-game Outfit, using a power-up.
Bugha's in-game Outfit, using a power-up. / Image courtesy of AXE

Pro esports player and Fortnite World Cup Champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf is partnering with AXE to release a new creative island, 'Mistaverse.'

This island, created indepentantly as a Fortnite Creative experience, is based around in-game item Med-Mist, following fan comparions between the Med-Mist and AXE deodorant. In the Mistaverse, players can take part in a Capture the Flag challenge where teams of players are tasked with capturing the flag at the center of the map and carrying it back to their home base.

The four available power-ups.
The four available power-ups. / Image courtesy of AXE

The way Med-Mist works within this new inspired game mode is by providing players with one of four power-ups: anti-gravity, damage boost, advanced speed or a health boost. 

Bugha said of the partnership, "Collaborating with AXE on the Med Mist-inspired Mistaverse in Fortnite Creative has been such a fun experience”

“Together, AXE and I are taking Med Mist’s healing ability to the absolute next level with a whole world that powers up players’ creativity. Can’t wait to see what other players think.” 

So, how can players jump into the experience?

How to Play the AXE and Bugha Fortnite Island Mistaverse

The Mistaverse island will go live today, at 1 p.m. ET. Players can access the experience by using the code 3028-7555-9283 at the input screen.

Curious to know more? Be sure to check out the trailer below for a deeper look into the upcoming island.

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