Bugsnax Coming to Switch, Steam, Xbox Game Pass with Isle of Bigsnax Update

Bugsnax will receive its first expansion later this month.
Bugsnax will receive its first expansion later this month. / Courtesy of Young Horses

Bugsnax is coming to Nintendo Switch, Steam and Xbox Game Pass when it receives its first major content update, The Isle of Bigsnax, set for release April 28.

Development studio Young Horses announced the new platforms and release date for Isle of Bigsnax on Tuesday. The update will be free for players who already own the game, and players looking to buy the game — say, on those new platforms — will be able to do so at a 20% discount off the standard $24.99 price. Game Pass subscribers will get day one access to the game and its expansion on Xbox, PC and through Cloud.

The Isle of Bigsnax will add an entirely new biome for players to explore, and that Young Horses says is twice the size of any previously released biome. The island will be populated by new creatures called Bigsnax continuing the trend of creative creature/food combos for which the game is known.

Players will also be able to build out and customize a hut of their own in Snaxburg, earning furniture and other decorations by completing challenges for their friends in-game.

All told, Young Horses says players should expect three to four hours of new content in the update.

Bugsnax launched exclusively on PlayStation 4, PS5 and the Epic Games Store in 2020, when it received a warm critical and popular reception.