Building 21 Available to Play in Warzone 2


Call of Duty: Warzone 2's Building 21 has been reported to be available for infiltration. Posted on Infinity Ward's official Twitter account, the developers announced that the headliner of the new DMZ content is currently available, but gamers should expect "heavy resistance."

Infinity Ward Announces Launch of Building 21 in Warzone 2

With fans previously wondering when Building 21 would be coming back to the game, Infinity Ward's Twitter post came as a pleasant surprise on Dec. 23. The post, however, said that access cards can be gained in the DMZ and gamers should be ready for difficult gameplay.

Regarded as a higher-stakes situation for players who are participating in the DMZ experience, reaching Building 21 seemed an impossible quest until it became available several days after the launch of Season 1 Reloaded. However, Infinity Ward's official Twitter account posted on Dec. 20 that Building 21 was no longer available to players and was going to reopen within a week.

Discussing the reasons for closing access to Building 21, Infinity Ward said that the area "entered lockdown after significant infiltration."

Players, however, previously expected Building 21 to return on Dec. 24. With an early re-launch of the area, Call of Duty fans expressed their excitement when commenting on Infinity Ward's Twitter post.

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