Bunker Jonesy Fortnite is the latest outfit in the game. It comes through completing challenges after purchasing the Season 9 Battle Pass.

Bunker Jonesy Fortnite

To unlock Bunker Jonesy, one must purchase a Season 9 Battle Pass for 950 V-Bucks. When you reach Tier 23, you will receive the Bunker Jonesy outfit as a reward. Alternatively, if you want to skip this grinding, simply purchase the Battle Pass with the first 25 Tiers unlocked. You will get Bunker Jonesy and a 70% Season Match XP Bonus among other goodies. Although the price of this bundle package sits at 2,800 V-Bucks right now, the price is slated to go up to 4,700 V-Bucks later, so don't wait too long!

The Bunker Jonesy cosmetic is the default character but has scraggly hair, pink face paint, and torn up clothing. But perhaps the most eerie part of this kit is that it appears Jonesy has killed Peely, as his cape and pickax are made out of Peely's banana skin.

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Photo courtesy of Epic Games