Bunker Jonesy Fortnite not working has become a common refrain on social media in the wake of Fortbyte #26's release. This isn't the first time Fortbytes have gone haywire. Here's what we know.

Bunker Jonesy Fortnite Not Working: Is Fortbyte #26 Working?

For the majority of players, Fortbyte #26 is working fine. For some players, however, the Fortbyte remains inaccessible even once all the requirements are filled. These players show up at the right location wearing the Bunker Jonesy outfit as directed, but the Fortbyte doesn't unlock.

This problem also appeared with Fortbyte #32, which required that players unlock it while equipping a Kyo pet. It seems likely that Fortnite is failing to register that the correct skin is equipped, but Epic Games has yet to issue a statement.

Without support from Epic Games, it's hard to know how to fix the problem. The most players can do is restart their games and try again. If that doesn't solve it, asking Epic Games support for help may be the only way forward.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games