Burmy Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Niantic, Pokémon Company

Burmy is one of the Pokémon that is featured within the Festival of Colors event for Pokémon GO, meaning that players will have a higher chance of encountering one during the course of the event.

Burmy is a Bug-type Pokémon that has a second type that changes depending on the environment it is caught in, and those types are Grass- (if caught in grassy in-game areas), Ground- (if caught in sandy areas in-game) or Steel- (in-game areas that are more urban). Fruther, one of Burmy's evolutions, Wormadan, will keep whatever type from the area it was caught in as well, whereas Mothim, the other evolution, will not.

For players hoping to catch each form to complete the challenge during this event, they can find more information on the areas where they can be found below.

Burmy Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Each of Burmy's three distinct forms will only be available to be caught in varying locations that all players will have access to.

These are the areas that you can find each of the varying cloak forms:

  • Plant Cloak form - Forests and/or Parks
  • Sandy Cloak form - Beaches
  • Trash Cloak form - Cities

As mentioned previously, players now have a higher chance of finding this Pokémon out in the wild due to it being highlighted as a part of the new global Festival of Colors event going on until Next Tuesday, Mar. 14.

Burmy evolves into Wormadan upon being female and using 50 candies on it. Burmy will evolve into Mothim when it is male and has 50 candies fed to it.