Bushy Bulb Back Bling Has Been Disabled in Fortnite

Image Courtesy of Epic Games

Bushy's Bulb, a rare piece of Back Bling in Fortnite, has been disabled. The announcement was made Monday, June 27, via Fortnite's official Twitter account for status updates.

The issues associated with Bushy's Bulb have not been specified, with some users in the comments speculating that somehow, having the Back Bling equipped was causing players' games to frequently crash.

Whatever is happening, the fact remains that Bushy's Bulb has been removed, and remains absent two days on.

Bushy Bulb Back Bling Has Been Disabled

Back Bling, Fortnite's word for the backpack part of an Outfit or skin, is used more or less as decoration for Fortnite players to achieve a certain aesthetic effect. Unlike most other Back Bling, Bushy's Bulb could be acquired for free, by completing a series of Vibin' Quests.

It's important to note that, per the Fortnite Status team, "the quest associated with it is still completable and the Locker reward may still be earned." The fact that they would still encourage players to earn the reward, even when it is not present in the game, clearly indicates that the issue is likely with the Bulb itself and that Bushy's Bulb will be back as soon as possible.