Bustling Fungus Risk of Rain 2: What is It?

Bustling Fungus Risk of Rain 2 is a common but very useful healing item that players can use on their teammates.

Bustling Fungus Risk of Rain 2

It shouldn't be too long before you pick up a Bustling Fungus. After two seconds, it heals the player for 4.5% of their health every second. This healing will stack upon picking up more Bustling Fungus, but having 22 or more will already heal the player for more than their health total every second.

What's more, this item will work on teammates if they stand very close to each other. The healing output will depend on the player activating the Fungus. Clearly this item can become quite powerful. Do keep in mind that if two players with the Fungus are close together, only one Fungus will activate.

However, you must be standing completely still and not perform any actions whatsoever for the healing to work. Definitely make sure you are out of combat before looking to heal.

It can be argued that Risk of Rain 2's trademark is its huge variety of items to collect. Two of the most powerful items include the Soulbound Catalyst and the Silence Between Two Strikes.

Photo courtesy of Hopoo Games and Gearbox Publishing