Cactus Wedge Fortnite is part of the cryptic clue to the location of Fortbyte #81. Where the previous Fortbyte location clues have been relatively easy to parse, this one is a little more mystifying. Here's where to find Fortbyte #81.

Cactus Wedge Fortnite: How to Complete Fortnite Fortbyte #81

The full clue for Fortbyte #81 reads "Accessible During The Daytime Near A Mountaintop Cactus Wedge." The first and most obvious part of this clue is that the player must arrive at the Fortbyte during daylight.

The rest of the clue is where things get tricky. Which mountaintop? And what's a cactus wedge?

It turns out that cactus wedge refers not to a single cactus in the shape of a wedge, but several cacti arranged in that shape. The mountain in question features that pattern of cacti on its peak, and can be found directly southeast of Paradise Palms. Check out an image below.

Cactus Wedge Fortnite location

Search around the base of the mountain and you'll find Fortbyte #81.

Photos courtesy of Epic Games