Call of Duty 2022 Could Feature a Mode Similar to Rainbow Six Siege

Photo by Activision/Infinity Ward

New leaks regarding the upcoming annual Call of Duty release, currently rumored to be Modern Warfare II, have revealed a mode, not unlike Rainbow Six Siege.

One leaker, known as Ralph (@RalphsValve), has put together a collection of threads detailing several leaks concerning this year's upcoming 2022 Call of Duty (COD) release. From details of the AI's programming to the resurgence of a DMZ mode, COD 2022 is shaping up to be an interesting installment in the franchise.

Some fans have zeroed in on a mode that sounds a lot like another popular online title: Rainbow Six Siege.

Call of Duty 2022 Could Feature a Mode Similar to Rainbow Six Siege

The mode is set to play out much like a Rainbow Six Siege match.

The map is modeled as a much larger version of COD4's testing realm—a building with multiple walls, rooms, hallways, and miscellaneous furniture. As seen in Ralph's thread on the subject,

Players are split into two groups: "Attackers" and "Defenders." Each side has its own objective to complete.

For Attackers, their purpose in-game is to accomplish a currently unnamed objective within a set time limit. It is unclear whether the game will feature a variety of objectives that are randomized at the start or if it will be the same objective every round. Players are able to take on a variety of roles with one leader nominated through a voting system.

Attackers are given healing items—highlighted by Ralph as "tourniquets"—to heal and/or revive their fallen teammates. Attackers can go through three conditions when injured: "Minor, Critically Injured, Mortally Wounded." Of course, healing teammates takes time, which slows down the entire squad and leaves them vulnerable.

Defenders, on the other hand, are meant to slow the attackers or stop them outright by any means necessary. They are given tools such as boobytraps, hidden cameras, and knowledge of secret locations. They'll also have the opportunity to destroy and fortify specific areas. Defenders win a match by either outwitting the attackers or completing their own objectives.

DBLTAP cannot confirm this information to be true and Ralph also notes that the information listed in the above thread is subject to change.