Call of Duty: Black Ops Season 5 Multiplayer Changes: Full List

We've broken down all the changes coming to multiplayer modes and campaigns in Call of Duty (COD): Black Ops Season 5.
We've broken down all the changes coming to multiplayer modes and campaigns in Call of Duty (COD): Black Ops Season 5. / Activision

We've broken down all the changes coming to multiplayer modes and campaigns in Call of Duty: Black Ops Season 5.

Activision is pulling out all the stops this season with five maps, a whole new mode, UI shifts, and a scorestreak weapon that's sure to light up any player's arsenal. A new blog post from Treyarch Studios, long-time development partner and lead on the Call of Duty franchise, has unveiled nearly every new aspect heading directly to consoles once the season kicks off later today.

COD: Black Ops Season 5 Multiplayer Changes Explained

For convenience, we've split the biggest changes into four different categories, below: maps, modes, special weapons, and miscellaneous changes.

COD: Black Ops Season 5 Maps

Five maps will be entering the Season 5 rotation both at launch and as the season goes on. Players may recognize a few of these as fan-favorite revivals while others are being introduced as the studio's latest innovation.

Echelon, a new 6v6 map drops players among the peaks of the Devil's Mountain (Teufelsberg) in Germany, inside a completely overrun United States military "listening station." Leave it to Treyarch to keep with the theme of Season 5.

Fans of smaller-scale fights such as Face-Off and Gunfight will likely have more fun on the smaller Showroom 6v6 map, instead, taking place in a department store inside the Twin Pines mall located in New Jersey state.

The Slums will also be returning, though Treyarch didn't say much else about it other than its arrival.

Later in the season, players can expect two revivals of classic Black Ops maps: Drive-In and Zoo. Demolition will also find its way into player's hands—but likely not until mid-season or later, we would guess.

COD: Black Ops Season 5 "Double Agent" Mode

Activision has been teasing this mode for a minute, giving Treyarch plenty of room to fill in some extra details the trailer video may have missed.

As fans already know, Double Agent sets teammates against each other in the ultimate game of deception. Within each team is one traitor and one investigator who are locked in a secret deathmatch just below the surface of the larger game. The Double Agent needs to ruin their team's progress and potentially take out each Operator one by one before the Investigator figures out they're "super sus."

"We’ve never built a mode like this before, and we're excited to deliver an experience that has players asking questions first before shooting." The studio wrote.

It will be available in both public and private custom lobbies with the capacity for up to 10 friends to hop online together.

COD: Black Ops Season 5 Flamethrower Scorestreak Weapon

Season 5 players will be able to set the map ablaze with the newest addition to the Scorestreak weapon pool: the Flamethrower.

"This one’s a classic, and one of our favorite old-school weapons to deploy in 6v6 since the early days of World at War," Treyarch wrote.

The studio encourages players to set up their Scorestreaks so they'll have the opportunity to give it a go.

COD: Black Ops Season 5 Minor Changes

A small yet notable change that players will undoubtedly recognize once it goes live: the user interface (UI) for matches will change alongside Season 5. The League Play menu and mode UI will now only appear once players have all been found, locked, and loaded into the lobby. According to Treyarch, this is meant to put an end to "lobby shopping." They hope it will result in shorter matchmaking times, as a result.

Season 5 is set to launch later tonight, Thursday, Aug. 12, around midnight ET.