Call of Duty

Call of Duty Cheaters Get a Stern Warning From Activision

Image courtesy of Activision

Activision has issued some stern words of warning for Call of Duty cheaters, hinting at the new measures coming to the games.

Yesterday, Activision posted a message on the Call of Duty Twitter account, making it clear that game cheaters are not welcome. The post, accompanied by the words "see you tomorrow," outlined the company's dedication to ensuring a "fair gaming experience."

"Dear cheaters, we love games. It's our passion. We're honored to make games for the greatest fans in the world. We don't always get it right, but we're committed to doing our best."

"Cheating ruins the fun for everyone. No one likes a cheater. Our goal is to deliver a fun and fair gaming experience. For our developers. For our fans. And most importantly... for Call of Duty players everywhere."

The post ends with a rather ominous message: "Cheaters aren't welcome. There's no tolerance for cheaters, and soon you'll know what we mean." For the most part, this seems to hint at the rolling out of the Activision's anti-cheat efforts. It's no secret that games like Call of Duty: Warzone have had a difficult battle against hackers and cheaters in the game, much to the frustration of players.

The message feels a bit performative - it's unlikely that cheaters will be shaking in their boots. Regardless, it's a reassurance for fans that the developers will be ramping up their effors to curb the problem. With the upcoming release of Call of Duty: Vanguard on Nov. 5, the game's anti-cheat software will be intergrated into Warzone. Many hackers, of course, have already been wreaking havoc ahead of its launch. Perhaps Activision's latest threat means that they'll be hard at work stamping out even these new bouts of cheating.