Call of Duty Could Ditch Yearly Releases, According to Report

Call of Duty may ditch their yearly release schedule, according to Bloomberg
Call of Duty may ditch their yearly release schedule, according to Bloomberg / Image courtesy of Activision

It has been discussed within the Call of Duty development team that CoD could ditch yearly releases, according to a report from Bloomberg.

According to Bloomberg, "high-level employees" at Activision have discussed ditching Call of Duty's current annualized release schedule, which has been in place since 2005. There’s a belief among many Call of Duty developers that releasing games at a slower cadence will please players and help bolster the franchise, particularly after the weak launch of last year’s Call of Duty Vanguard, which saw a 36% decline from 2020’s entry in U.K. sales charts.

While this would potentially mean less frequent Call of Duty content and installments, some fans have actually asked for this for a long time, believing this would ensure more "quality over quantity."

Nothing is set in stone yet among the high-level employees, but the idea has been discussed starting the idea within the next two years, possibly next year after the next installment of CoD.

Jason Schreier of Bloomberg brings up a valuable point that, "slowing down the Call of Duty release schedule may lighten developers’ intense workloads and could provide new opportunities for Activision’s game-makers to work on other titles."

If CoD developers give more time and effort to their titles at the expense of a possible bi-annual release schedule instead, we could possibly see more advancements and positive feedback for the CoD franchise in the future, considering that the game has been largely criticized by users over the past few years.