Call of Duty Developers Address Current State of Warzone: 'We Fucked Stuff Up'

Image courtesy of Activision

In a phone meeting with content creators, Call of Duty developers reportedly admitted that the current state of CoD: Warzone is in a very bad place. The game, which has been near the top of the mountain of Battle Royales since April 2020, today is not up to par with what creators and regular players alike think the game should be, and now developers have acknowledged it and are setting out to fix it. 

"We fucked stuff up. We broke it. We’re not happy with it. No excuses,” is reportedly what Infinity Ward studio head Pat Kelly, Activision director Josh Bridge, and Raven Software’s Eric Biesmann said during the call. 

Bridge also said that team was “not happy” about the current state of the game, further admitting that the devs had “learned the upper limits of their technology,” likely referring to all the new additions that have been made to the game, from new maps to weapons. 

Many top content creators, such as FaZe NICKMERCS and CourageJD have stepped away from the game because of how many flaws currently plague the game. Warzone has dealt with plenty of glitches, cheaters and disappointing additions to the game. In the three Call of Duty titles that Warzone has been involved with since 2020, it’s safe to say the overall approval for the battle royale has declined, and now developers plan on shifting that in 2022. 

CharlieIntel reports that the devs did promise to fix and improve Warzone in 2022. The group also explained that the devs would try to communicate more effectively with players and be more transparent, while also focusing on more “quality of life improvements” over always adding new and bigger features.

This news comes with news of a new Warzone experience potentially being revealed soon. We’ll have to wait for more from upcoming MW2 developers Infinity Ward and Warzone devs on a new Warzone, but here’s hoping the current state of Warzone is improved before then.