Call of Duty Fans Plead Devs to Take Action Against Anti-Recoil and Aim-Assist Mods Ruining Game Experience

Cheats, hacks and now mods have been plaguing Modern Warfare incessantly since the launch of Warzone.
Cheats, hacks and now mods have been plaguing Modern Warfare incessantly since the launch of Warzone. / Photo by Chaz Frazer / DBLTAP

2020 has been a challenging year in many respects for Infinity Ward and Activision, and with the launch of Warzone the companies have been hard at work to stem the flow of cheating and hackers infiltrating the games of players who want to improve and have a fair, competitive environment. With the recent update which came with another wave of player bans for individuals caught cheating (as well as false positives for those who did not), fans have once again raised their collective voices against hackers.

This time however, the cheats and hackers players are complaining about are also on the console side of the player-base. USB add-ons and controller attachments which have the ability to modify inputs have been programmed to give players an unfair advantage in the form of no-recoil and aim-assist mods. Infinity Ward and Activision just can't seem to catch a break when it comes to players cheating in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

COD Players Again Call for Warzone Cheaters to Be Banned

Controller mod input devices such as XIM, Chronus Max, and the Strike Pack would have to be reassessed for the unfair advantages they give to users in game, explained Reddit user u/Gulaglive. A feat not easliy done as these inputs have some level of basic functionality outside of using them to mod controllers for cheats. After determining what cheats are available, it would then be up to Infinity Ward to develop ways of detecting their activation server side.

These mods are most concerning due to the fact that they are not external programs such as the scripts that PC hackers needed to install and run alongside the game. As they are technically hardware based, things like no recoil hacks, 3x aim assist, as well as rapid fire can largely go undetected with no penalty at all to the user.

With even pro players weighing in, and fans of popular YouTubers voicing their concerns as to the actual pubstomping ability and skill displayed on their videos, its up to the developers now to find a way to counteract the hardware cheats being exposed on console.