Call of Duty Leakers Reveal a Snoop Dogg Skin

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Call of Duty leakers have revealed a rather wild skin coming. While Fortnite is the king of crossover content with some of the biggest franchises in the world making their debut there, Call of Duty has slowly caught up. The community saw one of the biggest crossover events with an Attack on Titan skin and operator. The bundle saw a new operator, weapon skin, and even a cahrm.

Now, it seems that Snoop Dogg is making an appearance. Confirmed by leaker ZestyLeaks and TheGhostofHope, we even have a first image to show what it's going to look like.

If it wasn't confirmed by multiple leakers, the skin feels fan made. The only other problem is the quality of these skins in general. They haven't been clean, not compared to Fortnite. The Attack on Titan bundles leave something to be desired. And something about this Operator's skin does the same. Hopefully, this is just an older concept and they will continue to work on the skin.

They should have plenty of time as early leaks believe that the skin will release sometime in April with April 20 being the main guess. You can probably see why.

While we wait for the release of Snoop Dogg's skin, players will be interested to hear from developers on the state of the game. It's always refreshing to hear them admit they messed up and will be working on fix.