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Call of Duty Mobile 'Wild Dogs' Tournament Guide

All the game modes given for Wild Dogs
All the game modes given for Wild Dogs / Courtesy of Activision

If you've been looking to test your skills in Call of Duty Mobile, then you're gonna wanna keep an eye on the new Wild Dogs tournament.

Tournaments is a new playlist where you play a variety of different game modes, to earn new loot and gear. Instead of the normal currency, you're now earning "crowns" which are a new currency that can only be gained by winning matches. These crowns can give you new crates, and other cool loot simply for winning matches. Some of these items include a new Epic skin for the DL Q33, known as the Red Sprite.

Call of Duty Mobile 'Wild Dogs' Tournament Guide

The game modes given are a mixture of several different game modes, aimed at smaller numbers of players

These are:

1. Gunfight
2. Gunfight Team Deathmatch
3. 2v2 Team Deathmatch
4. 2v2 Kill Confirmed
5. Free For All

In order to win at these new modes, it's highly advised to go in with players you already know, as coordination in the smaller matches will give you a huge edge over your opponents.

This new mode is different from ranked play, and does not affect your ranking status at all, so those who are devoted to ranked play don't need to hesitate to jump into Tournament.